I (Sheyenne Kreamer), like too many others, experienced foreclosure during the 2009-2010 time frame.  Ours was basically due to health challenges that caused us to close a business that had taken care of us very well for 15 years.

My husband and I were fortunate to have a son that took us in – otherwise we could have experienced true homelessness as well.  It was tough enough to lose the house, go on food stamps, and try to figure out how to reinvent ourselves.  Thank God for our son that allowed us time to heal, regroup, and find a support structure for our new endeavors.

During this time, we created new classes and coaching programs based on our experiences, and got caught up on learning technology that allowed us to do some teaching and coaching online.  We found opportunities to teach in homeless shelters, work with the formerly incarcerated community and help at-risk youth avoid gangs.

At the end of 2  years, we had re-established ourselves enough to maintain our own home again, and our son moved on to new adventures.

We now are living our dream – living in a motor home and helping to build entrepreneurial communities around the country.  We still work with wealth-challenged communities and believe entrepreneurship should be for the many instead of the view.  Our goal is to help many others find that stability that allows them to reinvent themselves by providing residential vocational & entrepreneurial training facilities.