I am in need of A LOT hygiene products, luggage, clothes, ect.  I don’t normally get hand outs. I buy from the couponers. I am asking for assistance now with this- because while I have been fighting to help save others I have been fighting to help save myself and my five children. I have been going through a very nasty custody battle. I have fought ON MY OWN with no help, no legal assistance while the system had its full way with me. I STILL did not fold. I am now able to finally file for emergency custody for my babies after their father has had many open CSP cases. Myself, my sister and my children’s step mom- their fathers ex-wife, haven’t gotten the attention that needs to be brought to light about this flawed system and the families that have been left behind and broken apart – due to corruptions and “OUR” babies being seen as dollar signs.  I REALLY need the help of more people as my cause is growing and this platform is becoming bigger than me.

  • Melanie Paul
    From Dori: There is a FB group called Carolina Cares that finds items & donations for people & also Mama’s House of Thrift, which is a place in Fuquay. FYI…
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